Revenge on The EMPEROR: Scrutinized

AUDIO SIZE: 3.55 MB —- The world is ready for a revenge on the EMPIRE. Not only the Citizens, but also the leaders are in silence. After a long keen observation, by the dedicated Kingdom Intelligence, working in the background more than 200 years, the revenge finally scrutinized. What did happen when the plot was […]

KINGDOM Terminators: The Lust Defenders

AUDIO SIZE: 5.2 MB —- Christian fundamentalism and Religious conversions are “big nuisance” always for world rulers, but for the past few decades these deep state Aristocrats are busy on detaining this “big nonsense of mission workers” worldwide. A good network of Christian termination is well going underway, as the Establishments are doing it well […]

Canaanite, Israelite and Palestinian

AUDIO SIZE: 3.10 MB —- A “Christian” in the West asked this question: “Don’t you think the land of Palestine belongs to Palestinian? Britain and its allies illegally captured the land, then handed over to Israel!” He continues… “Does a God of righteousness tell this as a right occupation for his people? Doesn’t He think […]

A Jealous GOD in Action

AUDIO SIZE: 2.06 MB —- The God of Christians is a jealous God. He thinks He is the only God existing in the whole creations. He thinks He is the only God who is eligible to be worshipped and treated as the Lord of every single entity appearing everywhere within the universe(s). Christianity was born […]